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"Wishful thinking."
I wish I didn’t stop writing. :(
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It's storming outside - YouTube


I made a video again

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Asleep-(all of these songs are sad) [listen]
Video from when we went to Cobourg beach!


Please watch!

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I’m having trouble picking out a tattoo to go under my collarbone.. Mainly because I can’t think of anything that would mean a lot to me; I’ve never really encountered any real struggles in my life.. I’ve never cut, or starved myself; I’ve always been pretty happy with my body and appearance. I’m a pretty happy person and I’ve had a pretty good life.. Idk. :/???

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July 5 with 4 notes - reblog
Should I change this blog back to thebagsunder-oureyes?
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"If the body is a temple, why not decorate the wall?"
From Nowhere - YouTube


I made a video!

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"do you ever have those nights when you cry and suddenly every awful thing anyone has ever said to you punctures your skin and enters your bloodstream and your heart pumps it to every inch of your body and you can’t get it out"3:14am
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