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It's storming outside - YouTube


I made a video again

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Asleep-(all of these songs are sad) [listen]
Video from when we went to Cobourg beach!


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I’m having trouble picking out a tattoo to go under my collarbone.. Mainly because I can’t think of anything that would mean a lot to me; I’ve never really encountered any real struggles in my life.. I’ve never cut, or starved myself; I’ve always been pretty happy with my body and appearance. I’m a pretty happy person and I’ve had a pretty good life.. Idk. :/???

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Should I change this blog back to thebagsunder-oureyes?
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"If the body is a temple, why not decorate the wall?"
From Nowhere - YouTube


I made a video!

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"do you ever have those nights when you cry and suddenly every awful thing anyone has ever said to you punctures your skin and enters your bloodstream and your heart pumps it to every inch of your body and you can’t get it out"3:14am
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"i keep feeling your touch on my sunburned shoulders and your tongue down my throat"causes of a sore throat at 3:01am (via sorehearted)
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It’s 2:36am
I broke when I had flashbacks of you and I couldn’t stop shaking and tossing and turning trying to drown myself in sleep but all i got was a sleepless night followed by trying to collect the broken pieces of myself I’ve left wet on my pillowcase.

because of a stupid boy who toyed with my thoughts and emotions for 4 years I’m left with an abandoned house filled with demons and a doormat labelled “do not enter”

it’s now 2:48am and im not ok
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"how in childhood we made ourselves dizzy for the thrill of it and how all we want now is to just make the spinning stop"Unknown (via sorehearted)
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"It grows from day to day from having contact with that other person who understands your needs, and you understand theirs. It starts with a faltering flutter that touches your heart and makes you vulnerable to everything beautiful. You see beauty where before you’d seen ugliness. You feel glowing inside, so happy without knowing why. You appreciate what before you’d ignored. Your eyes meet with the eyes of the one you love, and you see reflected in them your own feelings, your own hopes and desires, and you’re happy just to be with that person. Even when you don’t touch, you still feel warmth of being with that one person who fills your thoughts. Then one day you do touch. Perhaps his hand, and it feels good. It doesn’t even have to be an intimate touch. An excitement begins to grow, so you want to be with that person. Not to have sex, just to be with them and gradually grow toward one another. You share your life in words before you share your body. You want that love to stay, to never end. So you go slowly, slowly toward the ultimate experience of your life. Day by day, minute by minute, second by second you anticipate that one person, knowing you won’t be disappointed, knowing that person will be faithful, dependable.. Even when he’s out if your sight, or you’re out of sight. There’s trust, contentment, peace, happiness when you have genuine love. To be in love is like turning on a light in a dark room. All of a sudden everything becomes bright and visible. You’re never alone because he loves you, and you love him."Cathy’s definition of love, “Seeds of Yesterday” by V.C Andrews (via sorehearted)
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